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Talesun Solar panels

10 reasons to opt for the all black mono panels of the high tech tier 1 solar panel manufacturer TALESUN

• TALESUN is top 10, tier 1 solar panel manufacturer "BLOOMBERG index"
• TALESUN's factory is fully automated with machines from Europe and Japan. Production capacity 2GW solar cells, solar panels 3 GW
• TALESUN is vertically integrated. Does the entire production process in-house, from cell to solar panel
• TALESUN mono all black solar panels are NOT produced OEM. Talesun produces its black mono solar panels completely in-house, which benefits a consistent quality. Especially important for black mono solar panels
• TALESUN is a stable and financially strong solar producer. Endorsed by external financial audits
• TALESUN has a strong parent company "Zhongli Sci-tech Group" which owns a large part of the Chinese cable market. China a country with 1.4 billion inhabitants
• TALESUN can be re-insured through Solarif
• TALESUN has realized 3.6 gigawatts in large-scale PV parks and is amongst the leaders worldwide. It also contributes to TALESUN black figures/numbers
• TALESUN is only available through a select group of partners
• TALESUN delivers high-quality black and high efficiency mono solar panels at a competitive price

Buyers World and TALESUN

Buyers World has yet again partnered up with long time friend and tier 1 manufacturer of solar panels: Talesun. As of the end of February 2016 the high-quality 270Wp mono all black solar panel will be available at Buyers World BV. We are working on gradually expanding the range of solar module types that will be imported into the Netherlands.

Zhongli Talesun was founded in 2010 with a total investment of 5 billion RMB. With 1.5GW cel and 2.5GW module capacity Zhongli Talesun holds a state of the art, completely automated production facility; all equipment has been imported from Italy, Germany and Japan. Zhongli Talesun is expanding every day and is seen as a leader of the world wide fotovoltaic industry. Zhongli Talesun is a full subsidiary of Zhongli Sci-Tech Group (SZ: 002.309), active in the cabel industry. Zhongli dominates the Chinese market in this industry and is among the top 500 companies in China; National AAA Enterprise of quality, service and credit." Zhongli Sci-Tech Group.


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